Sermons resume in France as Kenya signals ease to lock downs


Churches in France have resumed after more than two months restrictions because of coronavirus in the country.

The French government has reopened mosques and churches all over the country as people are advised to keep on taking precautionary measures against the global crisis. France has so far reported 182,469 cases, 64,547 recoveries. However, the novel pandemic has claimed 28,332 lives in France by today May 24.

While in Kenya, speaking at the State House yesterday, May 23, the President of Kenya Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta indicated some signals to ease lockdowns in some parts of the country and removal of some restrictions towards efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19.

The traffic light showed by Kenyatta requires everyone to take precautions to prevent the infections of the deadly disease as life expected to move on normally. He added that the ongoing curfew cannot continue since the economy must thrive in whatever circumstance and so things are expected to change.

“Life must move on, the most important is for every one of us to take the set measures by the Ministry of Health as a way to prevent the widespread of the deadly infectious disease. We cannot live in lockdown more than necessary,” stated Kenyatta adding that restriction on movements must be terminated for life to move on.


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