Seven hat tricks in Vodacom Premier League


Vodacom Premier League season 2019/20 is approaching the end with less than ten matches remaining in each club in the division.

The goal-scoring tally has been more competitive this season as more Tanzanian strikers were involved in a lot of hat tricks as well.

Here are the seven Vodacom Premier League hat tricks so far.

  1. Atupele Green – Biashara United.
  2. Ditram Nchimbi – Yanga Sports Club.
  3. Daruweshi Saliboko – Coastal Union.
  4. Obrey Chirwa – Azam Football Club.
  5. Kelvin Kiduku – Kagera Sugar.
  6. Meddie Kagere – Simba Sports Club.
  7. Devid Richard – Alliance Football Club.

Biashara United striker, Atupele Green is the latest player to score a hat trick in the Vodacom Premier League, he scored his hat trick in a match against Kinondoni Municipal Councill Football Club by three-nil.


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