Shaban Chilunda admits they are out of title race.


Azam Football Club striker Shaban Iddi Chilunda admits that their title race has come to an end. Chilunda says winning Vodacom Premier League is impossible to them now but their target is to finish as one of the top 5 teams this season.

“We are supposed to accept until now, our chances are too low because the league leader is far ahead of us. Now our focus is to make sure we will finish this season in the top five clubs in the league standings,” says Shaban Chilunda.

Azam Football Club at second place behind Simba Sports club at the top of the league with 17 points gap between them.

Their poor running form in February contributed much in their title race drop out. In their last eight Premier League matches, they only won to KMC, Polisi Tanzania and JKT Tanzania. They lost 2 and drew 3.

Azam Football Club will host Ruvu Shooting at home, on March 10, 2020, in their next Premier League match.

Statistics and records show Azam Football Club is good at home ground. As they played 14 matches and won 8, drew 4 and lost 2.

While Ruvu Shooting records in an away grounds are not impressive, with 12 away matches they only won 2, draw 3 and lost 7.


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