Sharaf Shiboub fate on the hands of Sven Vanderbroeck

TheAfrican Football
TheAfrican Football

The Sudanese born attacking midfielder, Sharaf Shiboub fate is on the hands of Simba Sports Club head coach Sven Vanderbroeck. Sharaf is among the players who are out of contacts by the end of the season.

Simba Sports Club management has allowed the head coach to handle the situation if he wants to retain the midfielder for the next Vodacom Premier League season.

Shiboub joined Simba Sports Club last season from Al Hilal for the length of one year, until now he has contributed a right goal, he assisted six and scored two goals.

The source within the club says everything is in the hands of the head coach, he will decide whether to keep or to leave him for the next season.

“In the case of contract extensions it is in the hands of the coach, he will decide who to keep and drop, he knows his players and their strength, so it’s up to him,” said the source.


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