Silence over party stalwarts


There has been silence over the three senior Chama cha Mapinduzi party stalwarts who were pardoned by the executive council of Tanzania’s ruling party more than a month ago.

One of the three, Yusuf Makamba, the former secretary-general of the oldest party in the country said he awaits the summons from the committee and will attend.

The three were told by the council after a meeting Mwanza chaired by President John Magufuli in December that they had been pardoned for whatever transgressions that had been brought upon them but that they would be interrogated by the ethics committee.

Besides Makamba, the other member who was pardoned was Abdulrahman Kinana, a senior member who also acted as secretary-general of the party on a number of occasions.

Speculation is rife in Dar es Salaam as to why there is silence over the decision to have the three arraigned before the party’s ethics committee, a powerful organ of the party.


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