Silver selling branded items


As one way of their commercialization drive, Silver Strikers football club has started selling branded caps and hoodies to generate revenue during this time when football games are not being played.

The club’s communication and marketing manager David Daniel Dauda has confirmed that the items are already on the market and they expect all silver striker supporters and football loving Malawians to buy the branded items.

According to Dauda the branded caps are going at k8000 while the hoodies are being sold at k18000 and currently only available at the central bankers base in area 47.
“We have started selling Silver Strikers branded caps and hoodies which can be bought at our offices in area 47. In months coming, we will flood the market with replica jerseys and t-shirts branded in the clubs colours. All this is being done as we want people to see football differently as is the case in other countries where clubs sell different merchandise and get revenue,” he said.

Earlier this year, the central bankers banned anyone from selling anything with the team’s logo as was done in the past as the club will take full control of such business.

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