Sim card registration wrangle


There is a stiff legal wrangle in Tanzania after the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority announced a decision that many people view as going against laid down laws and regulations in the sector.

Many Tanzanians have cried foul regarding the registration of the biometric sim card.

The Communications Authority says that only people with the National Identification Authority identity card can have their sim cards registered. These people will be spared disconnection of their mobile phones.

This decision negatively affects the majority of mobile phone users in the country.

Unfortunately, this has led to long queues of people whose mobile phones have been disconnected and there is chaos throughout the country.

The biometric sim card registration is regulated by the Electronic and Postal Communications Act of 2010 which does not require a subscriber to have a national ID so as to have their sim card registered.

This is the reason people are crying foul and the authorities have not made a concrete decision to rectify the mess.

The authority is now asking people  for “identity and number of any other document which can prove a subscriber’s ID.” However, it remains unclear what this actually means.


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