Simba Sports Club and Yanga Sports are escalators.


Lipuli Football Club defender says he will use Vodacom Premier League top clubs as escalators to get into the level of football he wants in his career.

Kenneth Masumbuko is one of the top defenders in the Vodacom Premier League this season and has made a great impression over the two rounds before the Vodacom Premier League break due to Corona virus outbreak.

Kenneth believes every player all over the country and division has his own plans with his career, to him his plan is to go abroad and play there, not to end his career in Vodacom Premier League.

“Every Single player has dreams and wishes, I’m more obsessed with playing outside the country. Regardless which country I’m going to be playing all I want is to play abroad like other players. I strongly believe that it is possible because I’m still working hard and doing great on peach so I can be at top performances.”

Masumbuko says he can make his wishes come true through many ways but Simba Sports Club and Yanga Sports Club can be an easy way for him to reach his wishes.

” They are both great clubs in the country and well known clubs in African Football as well. Thus I believe if I make it to any of those clubs it will be easy for me to be seen world wide and it will open the way for me to get to the place I want to develop my career”.


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