Simba Sports Club head coach facing warnings and penalties.


The head coach of Simba Sports Club Sven Vanderbroeck is facing severe warnings and penalties from Tanzania Football Federation. Sven Vanderbroeck facing penalties and warning for refusing to open the door to the referee and refusing to talk to the press.

During their match on February 01, 2020, between Simba Sports Club against Coastal Union that ended with Simba Sports Club winning by 2-0. Sven Vanderbroeck refused to open the door to let the match commissioners inspect their dressing room.

Sven Vanderbroeck also faces a fine of 500,000/= ( five hundred thousands Tanzanian shillings ), following the refusal to talk to the journalist immediately after the game with Polisi Tanzania.

Regardless of emerging victorious by 3-2 results yet, Sven Vanderbroeck refused to talk to journalist after the match.

According to the statements of Tanzania Premier League Board, those penalties have been given according to rule number 41 (13) of Premier League. Regarding the control of coaches that of number 41 (12) about control of coaches.


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