Simba Sports Club players free to join any club


Simba Sports Club management says any player who wants to leave the club in the coming summer transfer window is free to do so. The statement came as a response to the speculations upon some players who are linked with the move to Yanga Sports Club in the coming transfer window.

Vodacom Premier League rivals Yanga Sports Club has been linked with signing two Simba Sports Club midfielders, Clatous Chama and Said Ndemla.

Simba Sports Club head coach, Sven Vanderbroeck says anyone is free to leave the club if they want to.

“If Chama wants to leave and join Yanga Sports Club to play, it is okay let him go and play. And it is not only Chama, if there is anyone else who wants to have an adventure somewhere else, we can not hold him back”.

Said Ndemla joined Simba Sports Club senior team in 2013 from the development squad and his contract is ending this season. While Clatous Chama joined Simba Sports Club from Power Dynamo in 2018/19 season and his contract ends in the next session, 2020/21.


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