Simba Sports Club terminates Patrick Aussems role at the club.

Simba Sports Club logo
Simba Sports Club logo

The defending champions of Vodacom Premier League Simba Sports Club terminated their contract with Patrick Aussems.

Simba Sports Club earlier this week did punish their head coach over discipline matters. They appointed Mr Denis Kitambi to supervise senior team training sessions as well as match programs.

Patrick Aussems role as head coach is no longer valid to Simba Sports Club. He served the team for three years and managed to win Premier League titles back to back.

The termination of the contract is due to the following reasons;

1. Simba Sports Club fails to qualify into CAF champions league group stage this season 2019/20.

2. Disciplinary actions, It is believed that Patrick Aussems left the country without an official request. Simba Sports Club board of directors says, they did not get any notification of his departure.

SimbaSports Club appoints assistance coach, Denis Kitambi to be the temporary head coach for the time.


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