Simon Msuva predict the future of two prolific young talents

Simba Sports Club logo
Simba Sports Club logo

Simon Msuva playing for Difaa El Jadid in Morocco super league predicted the future of Rashid Juma and Paul Godfrey ‘Boxer’.

Rashid Juma plays for Simba Sports club and Paul Godfrey plays for Yanga Sports Club. The two had great season last year.

Rashid Juma won the young player award last season in Mo Simba Awards 2019.

While Paul Godfrey have more appearances in Yanga Sports Club 1st eleven defeating some senior players.
Msuva says next season will be the last season for the two to play in Tanzania Premier League.

“Among the player that will benefit the nation in the near future is Rashid Juma and Paul Godfrey.”

“Personal I like how committed they are, last season they did an amazing work. If they will not fall for peer pressure, and become determined, focused, they will be big deal in the National team.” Says Simon Msuva.


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