Smiles for SULOM as countries relax coronavirus restrictions


Super league of Malawi (SULOM) says the relaxing of some of the coronavirus restrictions in some countries which were hardly hit by the pandemic in europe is giving much hope football might start in the coming months.

Italy, Germany and Spain registered more deaths due to coronavirus but teams from these countries have started regrouping after some of the restrictions have been lifted in these countries giving football teams hopes to finish up leagues which were postponed in different countries.

SULOM president Tiya Somba Banda said signs are there that different sporting activities including football might return soon.

“Globally the pandemic seems to be taking good shape as countries which were hardly hit by the pandemic are slowly relaxing some of the restrictions they had put in place but here in Malawi we are not going to rush as we have to safeguard the lives of all involved stakeholders in the game. For that reason, we will have to wait for the government and the ministry of health to declare it fit and safe for social gatherings before the league starts,” Banda said.

Banda further said once the restrictions have been relaxed in the country, teams will be given at least two weeks to regroup and put themselves in competition shape despite most of the super league teams asking their players to be training in their homes during the time of social gathering restrictions.

The 2020 football season was postponed 24 hours to kick off after the President of the republic of Malawi professor Peter Arthur Muthalika declared the nation a state of disaster due to the coronavirus pandemic.


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