Sniffer dogs


Tanzania is among six African countries that have adopted the use of specially trained sniffer dogs to reduce crime, especially in poaching.

The other countries are Cameroon, Botswana, Mozambique, Kenya and Uganda.

The dogs, now numbering 50 have helped police arrest people in possession of elephant tusks, rhino horns and pangolin scales.

So far nearly 400 items of contraband have been seized in the six countries since the dogs were released.

The programme is funded by the African Wildlife Organisation which started in 2011.

The governments of the six countries have partnered with the dog trainers in the programme that takes at least ten weeks.

The dogs are brought in from Europe in countries where dogs are used a lot by the police and these include the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Hungary.

The Tanzania government says the programme will greatly reduce poaching which is rampant in a country abundant with wildlife.


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