Somalia government to resume flights on July 5, 2020


Somalia government has announced the resumption of flights in the country after the approval by the Cabinet, the government spokesperson said.

Flights in the country were suspended in April due to Covid-19. The government spokesperson, Ismael Mukhtar Omar noted the government has already set strict health guidelines that will ensure safety as the flights’ ban is lifted.

Somalia’s Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Gulaid noted the cabinet saw that it was important to lift the ban from flights as far as Covid-19 precautions are observed.

“I chaired the cabinet meeting and agreed to carefully restart the domestic flights on Sunday, July 5, with compliance to the Covid-19 spreadsheet recommendations,” disclosed Gulaid.

The Minister for Transport and Aviation said the Ministry of Health will offer Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) among other facilities to help in the disease containment.

Despite the global Covid-19 pandemic, Somalia is also under a threat by floods that affected nearly millions of people and desert locusts that have also been reported in its neighbouring country Kenya causing a lot of destructions and loss to the people.

As of yesterday, Somalia confirmed 2,944 cases, 90 deaths and 951 recoveries.


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