South Africans protest against Covid-19 vaccine test on Africans


People have protested in different streets of South Africa opposing the first test of the coronavirus vaccine on Africans.

In the last week, Witwatersrand University in collaboration with Oxford University launched a process of selecting African representatives to be used as samples to test the Covid-19 vaccine.

The vaccine was discovered by Oxford University in South Africa that will involve 2000 people, among them 50 HIV victims.

The protesters shouted in the streets saying that test is targeting the people of low class, which is not fair.

They suggested the test should be applied to the prominent figures such as members of parliament and their families.

“We are not pigs, Africans are not animals to be used for this test. If they need to use human beings let them use the members of Parliament, Ministers, leaders’ wives and their children and not the poor people.

We do not want this test,” one of the protesters Walter Mashilo told Reuters.

South Africa is among the most affected countries, so far the government of the country has reported 168,061 cases and 2,844 deaths though with 81,999 discoveries.


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