Sulom propose video AGM


Super league of Malawi (SULOM) has proposed to hold a video conference annual general meeting (AGM) with all involved stakeholders of football in the elite league before the new season kick off.

The 2020 season was expected to start on 21 March even though the Elite league governing body SULOM, had not called for an AGM and the postponement of the league has given ample time for all stakeholders to sit down and plan the league’s way forward.

With the country declared a state of disaster due to the coronavirus pandemic which led to ban of all social gatherings and clubs, SULOM officials cannot be allowed to gather in one room for the AGM which has led to the proposal of the video conference annual general meeting according to SULOM president Tiya Somba Banda.

“We are proposing to hold a visual annual general conference with all the 16 teams to play in the TNM super league to discuss how things were during the 2019 season and how to map our way forward in the forth coming season. We have proposed this as we are not allowed to be in social gatherings since we are trying to prevent the spread of coronavirus and we have also seen that the world football government body FIFA is doing the same with all it’s affiliates,” he said.
The proposal has brought mixed reactions from the teams participating in the elite league as some are agreeing with the proposed idea despite the fact that some clubs are against the decision.

Be Forward Wanderers football club has openly asked SULOM to wait until the right time when it will be possible to hold normal meeting since an AGM would be better if all the teams meet physically in one room to discuss hot issues affecting the league.

On the other hand, capital city giants Silver Strikers through chief executive officer Thokozani Chimbali said, “The proposal by SULOM to have a video conference with all the teams is a thing to go by during this time when we are not allowed to be in social gatherings but SULOM should provide all the necessary materials such as laptops, phones and even airtime to all the teams so that there won’t be any excuses not to take part in the virtual AGM.”


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