Sulom to priorities TNM for sponsorship talks


Super League of Malawi (SULOM) has stressed that one of the country’s leading telecommunications company, Telecom Networks Malawi (TNM) will be considered first as they seek for the elite league sponsors at the end of the year.

The current sponsorship deal with TNM comes to an end in December this year after a 14 year partnership with the country’s elite league making them the longest sponsor to stay this long with Malawian football after venturing into the game of football in 2006.

According to sulom president Tiya Somba Banda, the current contract which they have with TNM private company Limited for sponsor the league states that the elite league governing body should priorities the company before they look elsewhere for a sponsorship package and they will respect that.

“The contract with the super league sponsors TNM company Limited comes to an end in December this year and as part of the current contract deals we need to consider them first to see what they can offer in the new package if they still want to sponsor the league before we talk to others. So they will be a priority as we need to respect the contract,” said Banda.

TNM pumps in K65 million annually as sponsorship money for the elite league with the winners pocketing K15 million at the end of the season which has been deemed to be not enough considering what clubs spend the entire season.

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