Super league action abandon BNS


Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has asked Bingu National stadium (BNS) management to consider reducing the cost paid by clubs for the magnificent facility to start hosting super league action.

Last season the stadium did not host even a single league match despite FAM allocating a few cup games and Malawi national football team games at the venue which cost between K3 million to K10 million.

According to FA’s marketing manager Limbani Matola, the stadium is abandoned by super league teams due to it’s high cost charges which hit them hard hence the need to consider reducing it to make clubs opt to use the facility.
“Bingu national stadium is one of the best stadiums on the land but when it comes to venues for games clubs are given a choice of where to play the match. In this case it’s up to the teams to tell us they will be using the stadium. Secondary when hosting matches we feel security is at risk as we see people climbing the fence to enter the stadium as well as there is no proper demarcation of the VIP which makes people who didn’t pay for one facility to use the other.

“On that we edge the stadium authorities to consider reducing the cost it charges for teams to use the facility which mighty entice teams to use it as their venue,” Matola said.

Sulom general secretary Williams Banda has agreed with the sentiment made by FAM and has left it in the hands of the teams and the BNS authorities to consider negotiating on what should be done to use the stadium.
“No team from Lilongwe has proposed the stadium as it’s home ground due to high cost of the stadium. We have seen some cup games being played there, they might have faced some challenges, which makes them shun the stadium therefore the teams and the stadium authorities need to sit down and negotiate on how it should be put to good use,” Banda said.


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