Sven Vanderbroeck believes to win against Lucy Emyal

TheAfrican Football
TheAfrican Football

Simba sports club head coach Sven Vanderbroeck believes his team will win against Lucy Eymael side tomorrow. Simba sports club will be visiting Yanga Sports club in their second round match of the Vodacom Premier League.

The clash between two rivals clubs in the country is one of the strongest and largest football derby in East and Central Africa. Sven Vanderbroeck says his squad will get three points ahead of their league rivals Yanga Sports club.

Sven Vanderbroeck says, Simba Sports club will miss two players tomorrow morning because of the injuries. The Midfielder Said Hamis Ndemla and Miraji Athuman Sheva, as they are still recovering from injuries.

“In our squad every player is ready, except Miraji Athuman Sheva and Hamis Ndemla, due to injuries, but the rest are good. I expect good conditions for tomorrow which will allow us to play good football and enjoy the game,” says Sven Vanderbroeck about their coming match against Yanga Sports club.

” We will play this match as if it is not a Premier league fixture because everyone knows how many points we are ahead of them. We will play a rivalry game and we are prepared to get three crucial points to our title defending.”


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