Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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A pitch in Wuhan China that was turned to a health facility to quarantine people who tested Coronavirus positive has resumed its normal Sports activities. The first match, basketball was played there on October 5 since the suspension the activities in February this year. More than 1,100 beds were installed in that pitch for...
A Chinese resident and prisoner in Indonesia escaped again from prison after digging out a hole with a depth of 30 metres from the cell and managed to escape. The prisoner was sentenced to life in 2017 over accusation of drugs trafficking weighing 110 kilograms. Following the escape of Chai, Indonesian police have announced...
Read more news here  NEW YORK, United States of America, A new study from the International Rescue Committee uncovers what economic empowerment means to refugee women in Germany, Kenya, and Niger; lack of childcare, harassment and gender-based violence, prioritizing men’s workforce integration, social stigma, and limited autonomy in decision-making cited as top constraints to...
 Click here to read more news ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia,  Economic Commission for Africa’s Executive Secretary, Vera Songwe, has called on China to honour the pledge made by President Xi Jinping on his country’s participation in the G20 Debt Service Suspension Initiative (DSSI), which she said, “would go a long way towards supporting Africa’s liquidity...
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