Tuesday, April 7, 2020
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Fourth Registered from Coronavirus in Malawi
Despite the fact that most Africans opposed the French professors Jean Mira and Locht proposal for Africa to be used to conduct a research test for coronavirus disease, the Democratic Republic of Congo has admitted that they will be used for the research. Prominent Africans include famous footballers like Samuel Eto’o and Didier Drogba...
President Donald Trump has opposed the wearing of a mask even though the United States of America has today March 5, confirmed 8,515 deaths from the pandemic, with a leading number of the disease cases of up to 312,253. Nevertheless, Italy still leads with 15,395 deaths followed by Spain with 12,418. As the Center...
Over 2000 arrests for non-compliance with COVID-19 rules
Recently, China was ranked second after the United States of America on the number of coronavirus confirmed cases. A new secret report of the communist officials in the United States has concluded that China hid facts about the size of the virus disaster. Two officials have told Bloomberg News Agency, that China figures were...
How coronavirus challenges Muslims’ faith and changes their lives
Gauteng places German tourists under quarantine
Gauteng plans to fight COVID-19 
Coronavirus cases increase to 274
COVID-19 cases rise to 24


Nyemera claim benefits

Former Silver Strikers football club midfielder Lazarous Deco Nyemera has written  to the club demanding his benefits over the unlawful termination of his contract. Nyemera...