Thursday, August 13, 2020
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Read more news here CAPE TOWN, South Africa, Africa Oil & Power (AOP) 2021 highlights African integration across borders throughout the entire energy value chain and examines the African investment environment post COVID-19; AOP 2021 welcomes presidents, ministers, national oil companies and utility heads, IPP and renewables executives and more for the fifth edition...
On Wednesday 24 June, Zimbabwe announced a 150 per cent rise in the price of fuel following the launch of a forex auction system which eroded the value of the local currency. The price of a litre of diesel jumped 152 per cent to ZW$62.77 ($1.12) from ZW$24.93 while petrol shot up 147 per...
Coronavirus - Africa: Migration flows across West and Central Africa nearly halved by COVID-19; mobile populations economically impacted 
Coronavirus - Africa: New guidelines provide roadmap for safe reopening of schools 
APICORP announces USD 500 million to member countries in COVID-19 Recovery Support
Coronavirus - Africa: COVID-19 could not have come at a worse time for vulnerable communities across West Africa 
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COVID-19 Crackdown Rolls On 
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says Tanzania's economy has grown with an estimated annual growth of six per cent in 2020 which is an improvement over the four per cent growth the Fund had projected for the country last year. The IMF said that Tanzania had made monetary and fiscal...
Tanzania: African Development Bank’s $55 million facility to jumpstart private sector-led economic growth