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By  Ireen Kayira Read more news here Lilongwe, After successfully unpacking six seasons of Zathu pa Wailesi in three years the youthful radio show is back with season seven to start. Speaking with Malawi News Agency (MANA) on Friday in Lilongwe, one of the cast members, Teresa Phondo...
Preview(opens in a new tab) Publish… Add title Che Mandota promises fireworks in new episode By Moses Nyirend  Read more news articles here  Lilongwe, A Lilongwe based up-and-coming comedian, Che Mandota says he is geared to release his latest comedy episodes aimed at informing, educating and entertaining people in the country.  In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana), Che Mandota whose real name is Jamil Sharif Chikakuda said he is currently shooting comedy video clips which will be premiered on various media channels after release.  “I am currently shooting new comedy video clips and I will be releasing the video clips every Wednesday which will be premiered on different media outlets including; Facebook, Youtube and Luntha Television,” Che Mandota said.  He added that, he will be hosting live performances for the new episode of his comedies once COVID-19 pandemic is over. “Once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, I will be organizing live shows and other entertainment events for my comedies as one way of keeping Malawians entertained and also keeping the country’s comedy industry active,” he said.  With inspiration from his brother, Hussein Chikakuda and John Nyanga who was known as Izeki in a comedy duo dubbed Izeki ndi Jakobo, Che Mandota ventured into comedy industry in 2005 with stage performances while at primary school.  The comedian said since joining the comedy industry, comedy performances have been part of his life until when he started shooting comedy video clips while at the college in Kampala, Uganda where he is studying medicine.  “Since I joined the comedy industry, comedy performances have been part of my life whereby I found myself bringing serious comedy topics and suggestions that would make people laugh and enjoy.  “After having a lot of serious comedy concepts, I thought it wise to start producing comedy video clips in form of episodes and I embarked on this project when I was at the college in Uganda,” he explained.  He said currently, he is eyeing to do collaborations with international comedians such as, Teacher Mpamire and Kansiime from Uganda as well as Mr. Macaroni from Nigeria.  In a separate interview, one of the country’s comedy legends, Eric Mabedi who is known as Jakobo in a comedy duo, Izeki ndi Jakobo commended the youth like Che Mandota for their enthusiasm in comedy production saying that there is need for new breed of comedians in the country.  “As longtime comedians, we are happy to see many youth in the country developing interest in comedy production and this is welcome gesture as a lot of comedy legends are getting old hence there is need of new breed of comedians,” Mabedi said.  However, he advised the up-and-coming comedians in the country to be more creative in order for them to be recognised on both local and international comedy scene.  Click here to visit our Facebook page  Toggle panel: Sharing Settings - Social Web Suite Client Open publish panel Che Mandota promises fireworks in new episode
Sir Paul Banda to start offering music lessons
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Advertising Week Africa will now take place in the first half of 2020, with a new date to be confirmed
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Advertising Week Africa will now take place in the first half of 2020, with a new date to be confirmed
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