Sunday, October 25, 2020
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Read more news here  NEW YORK, United States of America, A new study from the International Rescue Committee uncovers what economic empowerment means to refugee women in Germany, Kenya, and Niger; lack of childcare, harassment and gender-based violence, prioritizing men’s workforce integration, social stigma, and limited autonomy in decision-making cited as top constraints to...
Zambian, Mutoba Ngoma inducted into Anzisha Prize Hall of Fame as inspirational entrepreneur who started at 21 years of age
Coronavirus - African Union Member States (53) reporting COVID-19 cases (61,181) deaths (2,239), and recoveries (20,932) 
Coronavirus: Kenya’s COVID-19 recoveries surpass 100 mark 
United States Announces $8 Million to Locust Control Operations in East Africa 
Immediate action needed as millions face hunger in Southern Africa, warns the Red Cross
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Elisha Elia Dead

Legendary journalist for the Tanzania Broadcasting Company (TBC) Elisha Elia has passed away. According to the CEO of TBC...

Ben Pol converts to Islam