Friday, October 30, 2020
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Read more news here With the number of under-five deaths at an all-time recorded low of 5.2 million in 2019, disruptions in child and maternal health services due to the COVID-19 pandemic are putting millions of additional lives at stake. The number of global under-five deaths dropped to its lowest point...
Read more news articles here FREETOWN, Sierra Leone,  For at least 463 million children whose schools closed due to COVID-19, there was no such a thing as remote learning,” said Henrietta Fore, UNICEF Executive Director. “The sheer number of children whose education was completely disrupted for months on end is a global education emergency....
Coronavirus - Africa: COVID-19 causes disruptions to child protection services in more than 100 countries, UNICEF survey finds
Zambian, Mutoba Ngoma inducted into Anzisha Prize Hall of Fame as inspirational entrepreneur who started at 21 years of age
Coronavirus - African Union Member States (53) reporting COVID-19 cases (61,181) deaths (2,239), and recoveries (20,932) 
Coronavirus - Africa: International Rescue Committee (IRC) - World risks up to 1 billion cases and 3.2 million deaths from COVID-19 across fragile countries 
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Tanzania's President Receives Credentials of Qatar's Ambassador
Tanzania's President Receives Credentials of Qatar's Ambassador
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