Tanzania Cashew nuts growers abnormal loss


The majority of the cashew nuts farmers in Tanzania are targetting to sell the product while raw, believing that if the cashew apples ripe with the nuts it’s a total waste.

Cashew nuts farmers have been selling their unprocessed cashew to buyers in auctions managed by the government. Little do they know that highly nutritious wines and juice butter are extracted from ripe cashew apples.

From the situation, Naliendele Agricultural Research Institute (Nari) has embarked on various researches and studies so as to turn waste into health. A senior researcher from Nari, Regina Msoka said that in every one kilo of raw cashew nuts, a farmer leaves in his farm about nine kilos of cashew apples that could be cashew wine.

Therefore, a farmer could earn more than Sh100,000 from the 9 kilos of wasted cashew apples. Ms Musoka reveals that there’s a simple technology that could be applied by the farmers and produce cashew juice, according to the research conducted by Nari.

” Many growers leave out cashew apples due to its acidic taste, but this can be used it to get very nutritious juice; nine kilograms of it gives us 6.3 litres of juice, whereby we sell one litre at Sh4,500 hence a farmer can earn Sh28,350 in extra cash.

Cashew growers produced 224,000 tonnes of cashew nuts during the 2018/2019 season. Cashew apples from this amount could produce wine worth Sh22.78 trillion and 31.8 trillion

“We have been losing 22.8 trillion and 31.8 trillion annually by not extracting juice from cashew nuts fruits,” said Dr Fortunatus Kapinga, deputy Nira director.


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