Tanzania coaches are not valued enough abroad


Yanga Sports Club former assistant head coach says most Tanzanian Football Coaches are not valued enough abroad than here in Tanzania clubs. Speaking from experience Coach Juma Mwambusi says he once got a chance to coach a club abroad but they failed to pay him as much as he would be paid in Tanzania.

He further says, the situation is vice versa in Vodacom Premier League for foreign coaches, the clubs are accommodating foreign players well.

Mwambusi mentions his former clubs in the Vodacom Premier that he is proud of the work he has done there.

“The only club that I has taught and gave me huge honor and respect in my career is Tanzania Prisons, because it was the team that even if we conceded I was confident that we will bounce back and win the game, and also it was the best team excluding the top clubs in the division. Hence my five players were shortlisted into National team, to me it’s an Honor and achievement.”

And Also Mbeya City is among the clubs that he had a successful career with, it was strong enough to fight top clubs and also three players were included in National team by then.

Juma Mwambusi says Yanga Sports Club is top flight club but since leaving Yanga Sports Club they didn’t win any trophy for almost 3 seasons.


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