Tanzania Football Federation changes the Tanzania Premier League

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Tanzania Premier League shape is going to change in the coming seasons starting 2020/21. Here are some changes Tanzania Football Federation will implement in the Premier League.

The foreign players will still be ten in each team in the premier league. And they can all start in a single fixture, unlike other season, as it was only five players.

The foreign players signed must be a national team player to his country. If not playing for his national team, he must be playing in their premier league.

Other players from Euro and America they are have to be players from second division leagues.

Teams will be 18 in the next season (2020/21) as four clubs will face delegation from the Premier league.

In the league table standings, the delegation will face clubs from 17 stands to 20 stands.

The play off will feature clubs from 15th and 16th place facing First Division league groups winners.

2020/21 season will feature 18 teams only. Two clubs promoted from first division league and other two are play off winners.

The changes will face the technical benches too especially the head coaches in the premier league. Every Coach must have class A CAF license or the equivalent class license.

If the coach get the red card punishment he will miss three matches in a row. He is not allowed to be in the dressing rooms and will pay five hundred thousands Tanzanian shillings.


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