Tanzania Football Federation President Mocks two top clubs in Tanzania

Soccer Football Image
Soccer Football Image

The President of Tanzania Football Federation, Mr Wallace Karia mocks Simba Sports Club and Yanga Sports Club during the press.

Mr Wallace Karia mocks were due to the fact that those clubs are not serious about their sponsorship.

Saying they did agree to play in the stadiums with advertisements of other brands apart from their sponsors.

President Karia says he is surprised to see the two clubs taking no legal action against those betting adverts. This he said speaking at the 6th meeting of the Tanzania Premier League Board (TPLB),

“Yanga and Simba are sponsored by Sportpesa yet they play at National Stadium, while there are other billboard adverts of other betting companies. Simba was prohibited to use Sportpesa jersey in CAF champions league because CAF Champions League main sponsor is the betting company as well,” says Mr Karia.

Mr Karia says if they will fail to remove those adverts during their matches, then they should find other stadiums.

In addition to the clubs that rent stadiums for their matches, he says, he needs to see those agreements.

“We will pass through all agreements, and for other clubs in other regions, they should prepare their stuff too.”


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