Tanzania government allayed fears over its 420 students in China


The government yesterday 15th Feb 2020 allayed fears to guardians, parents and family members of almost 420 students taking their studies in China by revealing that the students are all safe there.

The government insisted that no student will be brought back home over corona concerns. However, Coronavirus infections rose at a high rate with Hubei and Wubai provinces reported to in strongly hit.

The ministry of Foreign Affairs and the East African Cooperation statement stated that the Tanzanian students in China are safe. Moreover, the director in the communication department, Mr Emmanuel Buhohela requests the guardians, parents and relatives of the students in China to remain patient.

He added that the government is collaborating with the Chinese foreign ministry in finding ways to sort out the matter. The government is completing installing direct communication system for psychologists to provide Tanzanians with psycho-social support and cancelling.

The good thing is that educational authorities collaborate with colleges and universities in organizing online teaching of foreign students. The Chinese embassy recommended Tanzania government decision of retaining the students in China. Parents would like to see their children back home, but the situation will be worse for the students themselves and the country in general.


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