Tanzania government employs more doctors


The president of the republic of Tanzania employs 1000 new health officers. In his speech in the state house as he announced the new employment, he warned law enforcement agents on interfering with the Health sector activities.
It was revealed that the government set health budget to Sh70 billion an increase from Sh31 billion.

“To you police officers, I don’t want anybody to disturb my doctors through abnormal arrests for pitty issues that could have been solved within the sector itself before reaching you,” President noted.

He further advised the health sector that in case a doctor messes up either deliberately or undeliberately, they should correct that person earlier once a mistake is done it’s corrected in a polite way.

According to statistics, the government spends Sh57 billions for all employees in Tanzania. The country boss also advised the ministry of health to come up with means to establish small industries in the country that would produce minor products like laboratory chemicals. By so doing, this would reduce some government expenditures on the same.

The president said that the new employees will commence their duties immediately and they should use that opportunity to serve the people of the republic and they should be ready to work in any part of the country and get committed with all their hearts.


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