Tanzania Prisons with the most draws in Vodacom Premier League.


Tanzania Prisons is the leading Club to have more drawing in the Vodacom Premier League this season, with 13 draws so far. Tanzania Prisons completed 28 fixtures and they won 9 matches, lost 6 and collected 40 points.

In the other side of the table Simba Sports Club is the club with least draws in the Vodacom Premier league, as they draw only 2 matches out of 28 matches.

Here are the clubs with the most draws this season so far.

  1. Tanzania Prisons 13
  2. Biashara United 10
  3. Ndanda Football Club 10
  4. Mwadui Football Club 10
  5. Mbeya City 09
  6. Mtibwa Sugar 09
  7. JKT Tanzania 09
  8. Yanga Sports Club 09
  9. Namungo Football Club 08
  10. Alliance Football Club 08


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