Tanzanian government spokesman tells journalists to take precautions


The Tanzanian government spokesperson, Dr Hassan Abbas has said that there are propagandas on social media aired by journalists about the situation of the new crisis in Tanzania, and he cautions them about the same.

“I am just reminding you that our laws are in place and applicable as usual, let’s make sure we help the society protect itself from this disease instead of creating fear for the people,” Dr Hassan cautioned.

He further urges the journalists to be careful about COVID-19, educating them as well on how to avoid infections from it, as the country has taken appropriate measures to combat the disease and will keep on taking more measures and putting efforts to curb the disease.

“Tanzania media should take precautions during this time of performing the duties of informing the public, as the Information Department has given out clear guidelines to the journalists and how to conduct their activities, let them make use of those guidelines,” added Dr Hassan.

The spokesman revealed that the government has established a new way of conducting press conferences and publishing Press Releases, clean feeding or recording and distributing the information to all media with the aim of avoiding gatherings.


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