Tanzanian parliament, good heart to a mother of quadruplets


Children are a blessing. But when one bears more than two twins at once, challenges begin. It has just been seen in Radhis Solomon (24).

On 3rd, June 2019, Radhia Solomon visited the parliament in Dodoma where the speaker, Job Ndugai passed a bill to the members to have a reduction to their day’s allowances for the support of the young lady and the bill was accepted by everyone in the house, the citizens representatives.

Despite the disorganized debate about Radhia’s situation, they reached the agreement that the female members should contribute Sh50,000 each and the male to contribute Sh100,000 each from their allowances.

April 2019, Radhia was divorced by her husband, the 90th day after her birth to the four at Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH).

On behalf of the mother of four, speaker Ndugai explained how she undergoes a tough life since the divorce by her husband.

“Let’s propose the amount to be deducted from our allowances we contribute for Radhia please,” Ndugai requested.

A member of parliament from the special seats(CHADEMA), Susan Lymo proposed the mentioned amount above though some members opposed it, among them being an MP from North Nkasi(CCM),Ally Keissy.

Radhia’s children are two females Faudhia and Fardia and the males are Suleiman and Aiman.


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