TFF responds to Manara’s comments

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Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) cleared the air after Yanga SC’s head coach Mwinyi Zahera’s comments concerning Simba SC’s Spokesman Haji Manara statement asking TFF to give Simba SC their trophy during the match between Simba SC and Sevilla for Spanish league (La Liga), Zahera was not happy about that statement.


TFF through its Spokesman Clifford Marion Ndimbo, cleared the situation, saying there are no laws in the federation which allow the Champions to take their trophy in a non-league match.


He further explained that if Simba SC wins the premier league, the trophy will be handled in the league fixture and not otherwise.


“TFF (Tanzania Football Federation) has its own laws, even if Simba SC will write a letter as their Spokesman (Haji Manara) said… that’s not possible,”


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