TFF warns teams with the last matches of the season


Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) and The Tanzania Premier League Board (TPLB) have released a press release to warn all the clubs for what might be a planned results for some matches of the final fixtures of the premier league since some teams need three points or any positive result more than their opponents.

Tanzania Football Federation and Tanzania Premier League Board will send supervisors in all of the matches to supervise the matches and laws may be applied to those who will be guilty in arranging the results. They have made a contact with various organizations for taking measures for any unfair things.

Fans and team leaders are asked not to take part in the process of arranging results in any way, because it might cost them.

Tanzania Premier League will end after Tuesday evening matches, in various stadium as all teams will play their last card of the season at home or away.

Simba SC, the champions, will be given their trophy and medals for winning the Tanzania Premier League title this season. The celebration guest of honor will be the minister of Internal Affairs, Hon. Kangi Lugola, at Jamhuri Stadium where Simba will play Mtibwa Sugar.


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