Malawian movie ‘The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind’ featuring in US film festival [video]

The Boy That Harnessed The Wind
The Boy That Harnessed The Wind

This week the Malawian based movie called The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind features at the The Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, USA.

The movie was made by Netflix and is based on the autobiography written by Kamkwamba’s about a boy and his family facing hardship, using his ingenuity and determination he harnesses the wind to make positive change.

Does the movie reflect Malawi in the right light? Is it a movie for us to be proud of? Tell us what you think.

Watch the trailer for the movie below.

What is the movie about?
Young William Kamkwamba lives with his family in rural Malawi, where he attends school regularly and shows great aptitude for his studies. Yet after land development and poor weather lead to a meagre harvest and famine forcing William to drop out of school when his father can no longer afford the fees. Determined to find a way out of the life-threatening situation his family is facing, William sneaks into the school library to research—and soon conspires to build a windmill pump to irrigate the land. Caught between his father’s close-minded scepticism and the difficulty of creating a machine out of bicycle parts and scrap materials, William races against the clock to fight for his community’s survival.

YEAR 2018
RUN TIME 113 min
LANGUAGE English and Chichewa
SUBTITLES Yes with English subtitles

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