The good history of Africa and what to do now

Artistic picture of Africa
Artistic picture of Africa

By Ayenda Methusela

In the past years before my birth its said that, our ancestors struggled in order to build a better future for us. It’s this future we are enjoying today and just holding it and playing with it. Yes, It’s this future we read in history books.

Our ancestors did everything and tried every aspect that can be helpful and useful for us today. They built a better environment and societies, they preached Unity and Love among ethnic groups and emphasized peace and cooperation among the people.

They introduced Trades (Long distance trade) for the sake of making their commodities valuable. Who cares today? Our culture has been conquered today. Where is our Chiefs and Kings? Go in Holland or UK, they preserve everything. Why in Africa?

Now, we have started fighting and killing each other. Where is Love and Peace Mzee Nelson Mandela preached about! You people of Africa have you lost your sense? Who stolen them? Is me Ayenda Methusela? No, No, No, i think something is wrong in your mind.

Laziness among we Africans is a big problem. We like good stuffs but we don’t like working. We don’t like thinking out the box! How can you have a better today and tomorrow without hard working? The one you’re blaming of taking your opportunity has worked very hard day to day while you were sleeping. Is he the one who sent you to bed?

Let us preach Love, Hard working, Critical thinking and Cooperation among we Africans. Let us stop fighting and killing each other. Africa is a blessed soil, everyone who live in Africa should be proud of Africa. Stop XENOPHOBIA South Africans. Africa is One. All Africans are the Same. Why always Africa?

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