The largest living snakes in the world



8. Boa Constrictor

-12 to 18 feet in length

-45 kg in weight.

-They mainly prey on wild boars, deer, monkeys and birds.

  1.  Yellow Anaconda

-Length of between 10 and 15 feet

-Weighs up to 60 kg.

-Their diet of yellow anacondas consists of deer, peccaries, caimans, fishes and turtles.

6. Amethystine Python

-Measures 8.5 meters

-90 kg in weight.

– The scrub python mainly feeds on small mammals, birds, bats and rats.

5. Indian Python

-maximum length of 6.4 meters

-weight up to 91 kg.

The diet of Indian pythons predominantly consists of rodents and other small mammals, birds and amphibians.

4. African Rock Python

-Maximum length of 7.5 meters

-Weight up to 114 kg.

They inhabit in swamps, temperature grasslands and tropical forests of Western and Central Africa.

They prey on large rodents, antelopes, monkeys, pigs, monitor lizards and crocodiles.

3. Burmese Python

-Length between 5 m and 7.6 m

-Maximum weight, 137 kg.

They eat rabbits, rats, small birds, deer and pigs.

2. Reticulated Python

-Maximum length of 10 m,

-Weight to 135 kg.

-They prey on monkeys, rats, civet, deer and pigs.

  1. Green Anaconda

-6m and 9 meters in length

-Weight up to 250 kg.

Green anaconda’s diet list includes deer, tapir, caiman, crocodiles, fishes and turtles.


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