The man with the most Premier league hat tricks ever


Yanga Sports Club international striker Amissi Tambwe is the leading hat trick scorer ever since 2007.

Having played six season so far in the premier league, he scored six hat tricks too, and that makes him the leader.

He scored two hat tricks while playing to Simba Sports Club in 2013 and played for one season and a half before joining Yanga Sc in December 2014, where he competed the other four hat tricks.

His favorite opponents in his last six hat tricks are, Mgambo JKT and JKT Oljoro, he managed to score hat tricks against them when he was playing for Simba Sc.

Later he joined Yanga SC, and he once again scored four hat tricks, against Coastal Union, Polisi Moro, Stand United and Majimaji United.

For the record in the last season of 2018 /2019 there were five hat tricks only, with different players as well. Here is the list of the scorers.

Alex Kitenge – Stand United

He was the first player to register a hat trick in the last season, he scored his hat trick against Yanga Sc, when they lost by four goals to three.

Emmanuel Okwi – Simba SC

He scored two hat trick, and makes it three hat tricks since he joined Simba Sc 2009. His first hat trick was against Ruvu Shooting last season , and then he scored against Coastal Union and Ruvu Shooting again too.

Meddie Kagere Simba SC

Kagere who finished the season with 23 goals, he scored his first hat trick against Coastal Union. When Simba Sc won by eight to one.

Salim Aiyee – Mwadui FC

He scored his first ever premier league hat trick, and he is the first player out of Simba Sc and Yanga Sc to score more than 15 goals. He finished just behind Heritier Makambo. His hat-trick was marked when he scored three goals against Kagera Sugar, in a four nil match.

The last player who to complete the list of five players who score the hat tricks in 2018 /19 Premier League season is Fully Maganga , he is playing for Ruvu Shooting, Maganga registered his premier league hat trick, against Mwadui Fc. When his side beat Mwadui Fc for six goals to two.


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