The most powerful military forces in Africa 2019


10. Libya

Libya has an active military comprising of 76,000 personnel, 400 tanks and 46 aircraft. With a population of 6,244,174, Libya’s defense budget is estimated at $3 billion and ranked 10th strongest military in Africa.

The Libyan National Army comprises of the ground forces, the air force and the navy.

9. Angola

Angola has a military comprising of 107,000 active front-line soldiers, 140 tanks and 270 aircraft and 3,039,089 people that are fit for service.

8. Tunisia

With a budget estimated at $550,000,000, Tunisia has 350 tanks and 139 aircraft with an active military personnel of 35,800 which ranked Tunisia.

The Tunisian armed forces had an army of 40,500 personnel fully equipped with close to 84 main battle tanks and 48 light tanks. As for the Air Force, there are about 4,000 personnel, 27 combat aircraft and 43 helicopters at base.

7. Morocco

Its active personnel in the military is 195,800 with a defense budget of $3.4 billion. Morocco has 1,348 tanks and 323 aircraft in its arsenal.

6. Kenya

Kenya’s defense budget is estimated at $595 million with about 12, 168, 138 fit for military service out of its population. Kenya has an active front-line personnel of 24,120.

5. Nigeria

With military strength of 1,400 armoured vehicles, 360 tanks, and 6,000 logistical vehicles at its disposal.

4. South Africa

South Africa’s defense budget is estimated at $4.96 billion. South Africa has 191 tanks, 213 aircraft, and a total naval strength of 30. The nation has 62,082 active personnel and a reserve of 17,000.

3. Ethiopia

Ethiopia military strength is noticeable in her yearly defense budget of $340 million. With an arsenal that consists of 560 tanks and 81 aircraft. Ethiopia has an active personnel of 138,000 ground forces and a further 3,000 air force personnel.

2. Algeria

Algerian military have active front line personnel of 120,000. They are one of the most equipped military in Africa with about 1,500 armored fighting vehicles at its disposal. The nation’s defense budget is estimated at $10.57 billion.

1. Egypt

Egyptian military is the strongest among other countries in Africa because of the size of its armed forces. Egypt has 4,767 tanks and 1,100 aircraft. Its total naval strength is 237.


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