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1987 – Malawi played their first international soccer match against Senegal and won 2-0. Goals scored by Waya (12, 90)


1993 – Rewand nuts and Tutsi’s negotiated power-sharing agreement in Arusha, Tanzania. It was viewed as a sellout by extremist leaders of the Hutu majority.

2004 – In southern Tanzania, some 22 villagers appeared in court on charges of killing 7 people who allegedly practised witchcraft. Villagers said the witches cut off the sexual organs of dead villagers and used them to concoct charms intended to bring good harvests and fortune.


1999 – In Congo at least 518 people, mostly civilians, were killed when Sudanese planes, at the request of Congo’s government, bombed the rebel-held towns of Makanza and Bogbonga. Sudan denied the charges and Congolese Pres. Kabila denied responsibility.


2012 –  South African Oscar Pistorius becomes first double-leg amputee to compete at the Olympics; 400m London; out in semi’s

1991 – The Greek cruise ship Oceanos sinks off the Wild Coast of South Africa


2010 – California’s Proposition 8, the ballot initiative prohibiting same-sex marriage passed by the state’s voters in 2008, is overturned by Judge Vaughn Walker in the case Perry v. Schwarzenegger

2012 –   people are killed by a suicide bombing in Abyan, Yemen

2015 –  Robert Downey Jr. named the world’s highest-paid actor by Forbes Magazine (earning $80 mil). 4 non-Hollywood actors make the top 10.

2018 –  President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela survives an assassination attempt by drone, live on TV


1961 – Barack Obama born in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, Obama served as the 44th President of the United States (2009-2017). Previously he was a Senator from Illinois before a 2004 speech at the Democratic National Convention cast him into the spotlight, leading to a successful 2008 presidential campaign.


1985 –   Marco Russ

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