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1891 – British Central African Protectorate (now Malawi) forms


1997 – In mid-May Kabila’s soldiers were reported to have killed as many as 275 people in Uvira on Lake Tanganyika.

2003 –  Fleeing Congo civilians jammed roads out of Bunia by the thousands, trying to escape rival ethnic militias battling for control with mortars and machetes.


1998 – Three African nations, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, announced plans for an economic, political and social union.


1994 – LPGA Championship Women’s Golf, DuPont CC: Laura Davies of England wins her Second major title, 3 strokes ahead of runner-up Alice Ritzman 

2001 – Jay-Z is one of the most successful rappers ever, He is also one of the most critically acclaimed, his most well know albums include ” Reasonable Doubt”(1996) ” The Blueprint (2001) and The Black Album (2003). jy-Z announced his retirement from rapping in 2003, only to return in 2006 

2001 – “Fiesta” Single released by R. Kelly featuring Jay-Z and Boo& Gotti ( Billboard Song of the Year 2001)


1969 – Emmitt Smith, American NFL Running Back (Dallas Cowboys, 3-times NFL rushing leader), born in Pensacola, Florida.

1975 – Ray Lewis, American Pro Football Hall of Fame linebacker (13 * pro Bowl; Super Bowl MVP 2000; Baltimore Ravens), born in Bartow, Florida. 


1978 – Edu Gaspar 


International Day of the Family

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