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2012 –  Britain’s visiting minister for Africa, Henry Bellingham, said Britain will give its poor former colony Malawi additional aid of 24 million pounds for its economic recovery program.


1994 – Hutus left Rwanda for refugee camps in Zaire.

2003 – Congo’s main rebel leaders were sworn as vice presidents in a new power-sharing government, designed to end the country’s nearly 5-year civil war. 4 vice presidents represented the ruling party, the opposition party and 2 rebel groups.

2006 – Congo officials said Peter KIarim, a warlord accused of kidnapping seven UN peacekeepers, has agreed to disband his militia and become a colonel in Congo’s army. Gunmen opened fire on an election rally and killed several people in Congo’s volatile east, the latest outburst of violence as the nation prepares for its first free legislative and presidential balloting in 46 years


2004 –  Former South African President Nelson Mandela calls for commitment by the world to take action against AIDS

1976 – 21st modern Olympic games opens in Montreal: 25 African teams (later rising to 33 nations) boycott the games due to New Zealand playing rugby in apartheid South Africa

1950 – Suppression of Communism Act comes into force in South Africa


1964 –  ANC leader Nelson Mandela, recently sentenced to life imprisonment, is awarded the Joliot Curie Gold Medal for Peace

2004 Former South African President Nelson Mandela calls for commitment by the world to take action against AIDS

2018 – Barack Obama gives speech honoring Nelson Mandela and warning of “strongman politics” in Johannesburg, South Africa


1980 – José Sand


International Justice Day

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