This is how Simba Sports Club won their Championship


The defending champions Simba Sports Club has been crowned at the champions of the Vodacom Premier League and this is how they won the league for the third season in a row.

Simba Sports Club has managed to reach 79 points, the points that no other club in the division reached this season, and also they won the league with six matches yet to be played.

In Vodacom Premier League season 2019/20 Simba Sports Club dropped only 17 in their 32 previous fixtures.

The club won the league as the result of having great striking force in Meddie Kagere who scored 19 goals this season and created 5 goals for others. Thus Meddie Kagere was involved in 24 goals this season.

Their midfielder has been brilliant throughout the season as their playmaker Clatous Chama created 8 goals and scored 2, thus involved in ten goals as well.

In total number Simba Sports Club scored 69 goals in their 32 Complete Vodacom Premier League fixtures.


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