This is why Sauti Sol still exist.


Through their interview at Clouds FM, Sauti Sol explains why they are still strong for almost 13 years in the mainstream. Sauti Sol made their debut 13 years ago and have since then been unlike any other East African music groups.

“We are luck, many groups fails to exist like us, they meet as young but fails to grow together. We meet at high school and we pass through challenges together. We were friends before the music, we know each other well, then we starts to do music. We can say we are luck enough to reach this far, and neither of us is bigger than our group. Sauti Sol is bigger than all of us here. There is a saying says, If you want to go fast, go alone, and if you want to go far, go with others”

Sauti Sol admits that they are a big fan of former Tanzanian best group Yamoto Band. Yamoto Band split years ago, and all the members now are working as solo artists.

“Yamoto had funs, they gave us pressure, so we pulled up our efforts, they used to dance and sing nicely. If you want to prove how good they were, look at them now, they all doing better as solo musicians!.

They used to visit Mombasa and Nairobi, they fill the venues , and we were their biggest fans for sure!”.


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