Three Chinese businessmen arrested in Tanzania over Tsh 2.5 billion tax evasion


Three Chinese men have been arrested in Kisarawe district on September 19, 2020, for evasion of tax worth Tsh.2.5 billion at Vingunguti area and Mwenye in Dar es Salaam and escaped to hide in Kisarawe district.

The district officer of Kisarawe, Miss Jokate Mwegelo has ordered for a quick investigation over the suspects on the allegations against them so as to reach a solution. The three foreigners were put into custody in Kisarawe police station on the day of arrest.

They were accused of evading tax since January 2018 up to August 2020, through their companies that deal with digging and exporting Kaolin minerals. The three suspects own Tongda Venture Limited and Onething Limited companies.

“Tsh2.5 billion is a lot of money they could cater for the construction of another hospital and more than 50 new classrooms in Kisarawe.

I urge all concerned authorities including Tanzanian Police, Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) to conduct a thorough investigation to ensure the lost money is received back immediately,” said Joketi.