Three sentenced to five years imprisonment or Tsh 11M fine over contrary to nature intercourse

Black and white folded newspapers
Black and white folded newspapers

Kisutu Resident Magistrate’s Court in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania has on Thursday 25, September sentenced three suspects to five years imprisonment over an accusation of conducting sexual intercourse contrary to nature.

The three suspects were Rutyfiya Abubakary popularly know as ‘Amber Rutty’ and her partner Said Bakary and James Charles (James Delicious) who were all accused of three cases among them conducting intercourse contrary to nature.

The judgement was made by the resident magistrate in charge Godfrey Isaya whereby he said that he considered the fact that the accused are dependent by their families. I have noted that the first defendant is regretting, the second and the third defendants it’s their first mistake,” said the resident magistrate.

According to the judge, the punishment for the case is 30 years imprisonment and so deciding for that punishment will lose them in the eyes of their people and beloved ones.

“Regarding to that, the first defendant will have to pay a fine of Tsh3 million or five years imprisonment, the second one the same but the third one will have to pay Tsh.5 million or five years imprisonment,” he judged.

Amber Rutty together with her partner have failed to pay the fine and taken to custody until they pay for the fine and get released from cell.