Three things you should know about Africa

Interesting facts about Africa
Interesting facts about Africa
Africa is an amazing place. Made up of 54 countries, the most spoken language is Arabic, hottest Continent, largest dessert and of course the most beautiful people. Here are a few things I bet you don’t know about Africa.
(1) According to the World Bank, Seychelles had a 92 percent women literacy rate in 2010. Chad’s equivalent was 13 percent while Niger’s was 15 percent.
(2) As of 2010, it took 216 days to complete each procedure required to start a business in Guinea-Bissau. In Rwanda, the same took only 3 days.
(3) Only 24 percent of SSA’s rural population has access to standard sanitation. This is in comparison to 42 percent of the urban population with access to the same.
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